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16 ways this year's Junior and Leaving Certs are the funniest f**kers

We all need a laugh at this difficult time.

THEY’RE GOING THROUGH a lot, but they’re still managing to keep their spirits up.

This year’s Junior and Leaving Cert students are hitting all the funny buttons.

Like when…

You get hit with that Donegal Irish

hoe Source: the13thwave.tumblr.com

When poet John Montague came up on yesterday’s LC English Paper II

Just like he was supposed to.

Channelling Ed Sheeran

ed Source: thatmoustachetho.tumblr.com

And Oasis

oasis Source: thatmoustachetho@tumblr.com

These alternative questions

Those poetry parody accounts

Some genius or geniuses have been doing this instead of studying:

Dat Modh Coinníollach

no Source: did-someone-say-beredith.tumblr.com

“There has never been a time before the beep”

cert Source: roisinlikesbooks.tumblr.com

When realisation hits

This simple observation

bono Source: sixstringsandasmile.tumblr.com


This Taylor Swift nod

black Source: theclockkid.tumblr.com

When eggs came up on the Home Economics LC exam and nobody was happy

This chair

This strict adherence to the rules

food Source: summers-happening.tumblr.com

Brenda and the wasp

On the Junior Cert English paper there was a reading comprehension about a girl called Brenda who got into a spot of bother with a wasp. Naturally, everyone bonded over Brenda.

brenda Source: wweepingamporas.tumblr.com

Jam ambitions

jam Source: sixstringsandasmile.tumblr.com

Here’s why all the Leaving Certs are ranting about eggs

Bono popped up on English Paper I and people couldn’t handle it

This updated book cover is giving people a lot of feelings>

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