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The Dredge: If you pass by the O2 in Dublin, these girls are camping outside

Justin Bieber’s in town y’all. That, and all the rest of the celebrity dirt.

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#BELIEBERS So, Justin Bieber played the first of two gigs in Dublin last night, and while the first gig was going on, there were already fans camping outside for tonight’s show.

@Ali4jb123 posted a picture on Twitter at 1.30am this morning with the caption:

Camping out for Justin Bieber for 28 hours #DedicatedBeliebers

It’s 1.30am. Do you know where your children are? (@Ali4jb123/Twitter)

Justin, if you’re reading this (and, let’s face it, you probably are) give those girls a shout out like a good lad.

There were teens sleeping out over the weekend in order to get the best spots at last night’s show.

Bieber’s ma Pattie Mallette tweeted last night that Dublin was “so excited to see Justin Bieber! They definitely know how to have fun!!! love these fans”.

Those girls in the front are probably the ones that camped out. God love them.

Pattie Mallette/Instagram

Meanwhile, Justin Bieber has 7 gagillion followers on Twitter. Couldn’t he at least take a couple of seconds to insert an apostrophe and some capital letters?

#MULLINGAR MASSIVE Niall Horan from Mullingar/One Direction has revealed that he’s been in the writing music with Justin from The Vaccines. (Twitter)

“Who are The Vaccines?” you might ask.

These are The Vaccines:


So is Niall going all indie on us? Is he going to get a Kurt Cobain cardigan like Brian (neé Bryan) McFadden did that time he went indie. Watch this space.

Oh and Niall also got his mates some tickets to see Justin Bieber in the O2 last night. Sound.

#AH HERE BEYONCÉ Here at DailyEdge.ie we’ve watched Beyoncé‘s HBO documentary Life is But a Dream so you don’t have to.

And you, dear readers, are welcome, because it is a snoozefest. There are A LOT of Beyoncé performances featured, a lot of different hairstyles, and a video of Jay Z and Beyoncé singing Coldplay songs together.

We did get a good gawk at baby Blue Ivy though, and doesn’t she look like her daddy?

And the rest of the day’s celebrity dirt…

  • Selena Gomez doesn’t give a shite that her ex Justin Bieber is in Dublin. She’s having a rare old time in Paris (Daily Mail)
  • Eve (remember her?) has been having a go at Britney Spears‘ and Will.I.Am’s new song. Handbags (TMZ)
  • Somebody threw a Lucozade bottle at Rihanna (Mirror)
  • Lindsay Lohan‘s ex Samantha Ronson‘s mother (try to keep up) has said that the actress was “psychotic” (Radar Online)
  • Country music singer Mindy McCready has at the age of 37. RIP (TheJournal.ie)

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