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The Dredge: You can touch Justin Bieber's monkey... a REAL monkey, you filthy scuts
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You can now visit Justin Bieber’s pet monkey Mally at the zoo in northern Germany where she’s been in quarantine since March.

The young capuchin was seized from the popstar earlier this year after he failed to produce the correct paperwork for her, so he left her behind. (BBC)

Can anyone else read “save me” in her eyes? (Justin Bieber/Instagram)

#C’MON VOGUE Brian (née Bryan) McFadden’s missus Vogue has been caught rapid making a traffic boo-boo in Dublin city centre.

According to The Irish Mirror she was nailed by a Garda making an illegal turn onto George’s Street.


#MOONE GUY It looks like Roscommon’s finest Chris O’Dowd is set to put Boyle on the map after his TV show Moone Boy peaked the interest of US execs.

O’Dowd, who also stars in The IT Crowd and Bridesmaids, has said that a pilot could be made early next year. (The Irish Sun)

PS case you missed O’Dowd’s stunning, fly-killing turn on the Graham Norton Show last weekend, here’s a reminder.


PPS O’Dowd is also married to major girl crush Dawn O’Porter. The lucky divil.

Ian West/PA Wire/Press Association Images

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