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People are putting ketchup on their spice bags and they must be stopped

It’s real.

sexy2 Source: Facebook

THE SPICE BAG has been around Ireland long enough at this stage that it’s already seen some serious innovation.

Ranging from the spice box to the spice bag pizza, all of these things are natural in the culinary course of things and just about within reason. But there’s something that happens with spice bags that can’t be accepted:

People who smother it in ketchup

Yes, they exist

A poster to Reddit Ireland this week described a traumatic scene as well:

Myself and the girlfriend decided to stay in and watch a film with a takeaway last night instead of heading out. She’d never had a spice bag before so I got us them.
She drowned the thing in tomato sauce. Like, fucking swamped it.
Never seen food abuse like it.
I’m still shook.

These people are out there, but in the minority

Against the natural order of things – this is the spice bag in all its glory

voyage Source: Lee Cunningham Facebook

But, luckily, the weight of public opinion seems to be against them

Like, Irish people are banding together in their distaste for such spice bag practices

Because, at the end of the day, what good is a spice bag if another person can’t sneakily take a bit?

Won’t happen when there’s ketchup on it.

It’s got to the point now that when it’s mentioned, it’s usually a friend calling out the practice

It’s good to see such vigilance on this important issue

And never the twain should meet.

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