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KFC's newest ad features a Game of Thrones character reliving his death in a branch of the fast food chain

Too soon.

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IF YOU HAVEN’T gotten to season six of Game of Thrones yet, turn back now. If you have you’ll remember Hodor’s harrowing “Hold the door!” scene. Hodor could hold back the door, but viewers could not hold back the tears.

Now we get to relive the trauma of watching young Hodor writhing on the floor screaming, but this time he’s a minimum wage worker being overwhelmed by demanding customers. If you’ve ever done a job like this, you’ll know it’s probably just as bad.

It starts off with actor Kristan Nairn looking at the clock and anticipating a horde of customers.

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In they come, already screaming their orders before they’ve reached the counter. Very true to life.

kfc Source: Youtube

Every single customer has the same order. “Chicken with fries!” they scream to him one by one. He repeats their orders back to them to confirm, meeting each “Chicken with fries!” with an acknowledgement of “Chicken with fries.”

The orders come in faster and faster until he’s completely overwhelmed. He hasn’t even got a second to ask these people why they aren’t ordering drinks.

kfc2 Source: Youtube

He has to turn his back to the horde of customers and suddenly we see what’s going on. The actor that once played Hodor screaming “Hold the door!” is now trying to hold back customers while screaming “Chicken with fries!” over, and over, and over again.

Just as Hodor’s screams eventually changed from “Hold the door!” to “Hodor!”, Kristian Nairn’s screams in this ad turn from “Chicken with fries!” to “Chicken with rice!” and we find out that this was just an ad for a new KFC Ricebox that has rice instead of chips.

It’s still really annoying that none of the customers ordered a drink though. You would be absolutely parched regardless of whether you had chips or rice.

Source: KFC UK and Ireland/YouTube

Here’s the heartbreaking scene from Game of Thrones if you want to upset yourself.

Source: WillyMac 7oh3/YouTube


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