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17 kids who are definitely on Santa's naughty list

Lump of coal for this lot.

THE SANTA WARNING only really works on the run up to Christmas, as evident by these bold kids.

1. This kid, who is threatening Santa right back

santa pony or else Source: listoftheday

2. At least they wrote something nice…

desktop-1406691062 Source: Viralnova

3. This free spirited soul

tumblr_mhd67mmQwS1rk9r0vo1_1280 Source: 4channingtatum

4. This kid who just wanted to make his dog more colourful

funny-messy-kids21 Source: Clickypix

5. The rebel who refuses to conform to conventional education

;-) Source: mickenrach

6. This guy, who is not even sorry and his pretending to be just makes it worse

desktop-1406691067 Source: Viralnova

7. Hate, Carson

HR8FXP2 Source: Imgur

8. This unfaltering dedication

A51-6PjCAAAGdh- Source: bonnieking

9. What, they aren’t toys?

580df464064cf85d99f6636de4562542_650x Source: Distractify

10. The writer of this terrible apology

eda6c6edda228998d5c8a55e12c5f494_650x Source: FunnyOrDie

11. And this one

Ob0A6 Source: Imgur

12. This pair, who explored inside their beanbag

desktop-1406691066 Source: Viralnova

13. They just wanted to know what it tasted like

enhanced-buzz-3308-1374597914-6 Source: Smosh

14. That smile won’t be there come Christmas morning

kids-with-paint-all-over-the-place-these-are-some-bad-kids-1 Source: Wordpress

15. “They are good but sometimes they make bad choices”

kids-poems-julia-santas-list Source: E-radio

16. Writing a letter home from summer camp


K7bFdsQ Source: Imgur

17. And the artist responsible for this


desktop-1406691120 Source: Viralnova

Little boys call 911 to talk to Santa, get a visit from police instead>

Two little kids get covered in paint, try desperately to pretend nothing is different>

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