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14 kids who have absolutely no idea how funny they're being

Not a notion.

ONE OF THE best things about kids is that they are frequently hilarious.

They say funny things and do silly things, and generally provide the people around them with a lorra lorra laughs.

If you’re really lucky, they have no idea that they’re being funny, which adds a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ to the whole affair.

Here are 14 examples of kids who have absolutely no idea how funny they’re being.

This wonderful little girl encountering ice for the first time

Source: lovetsky


First time walking on ice - Imgur Source: Imgur

This kid who meant well really

funny-kid-drawing-mom-teacher Source: The Meta Picture

This little girl who cracked her mam up

Source: ChildrenVids

This poor unfortunate


This little guy out on his constitutional

Source: Julian Burrett


dog 2

This poor unfortunate soul

Source: garreth boyne

santa kid

This little Justin Bieber fan

Source: Chynanny

This little one going through a tunnel for the first time


This trainee badass

fzevY Source: Imgur

This brother who simply couldn’t resist


This child on a local news segment

Source: 3mediapro

This kid, who’s really going places

This kid is going places - Imgur Source: Imgur

This guy whose head is spinning


This guy who thinks he’s hit the jackpot

idgMX Source: Imgur

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