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8 facts about shifting that everyone should know

Happy National Kissing Day!

IT’S NATIONAL KISSING Day! And you know what that means – you should be taking the opportunity to shift early and often.

To celebrate, we’ve gathered some intriguing facts about kissing that absolutely everyone should know.

1. Why do we even kiss, anyway?

Romeo-and-Juliet-famous-kisses-28870872-900-600 Fanpop Fanpop

Philematologists (scientists who study kissing, if you can believe it) say that, biologically, kissing helps us choose a good mate.

While kissing, our brains gather up all sorts of information on the kissee, and evaluate whether or not we’ll have strong childer. Use that as your next chat up line, we dare you.

2. Why does kissing feel so good?

Kissing_the_War_Goodbye Wikimedia Wikimedia

Kissing releases loads of oxytocin (or the ‘love hormone’) in your body, and there are absolutely loads of nerve endings in your lips and tongue, which can make a good shift very good indeed.

3. Why do we get all silly after locking lips with someone for the first time?


giphy Giphy Giphy

A nice kiss with someone special can trigger spikes in dopamine and serotonin, neurotransmitters associated with addiction and obsession.

That’s why you’re all giddy and floating around on a cloud. Aww.

4. Is there a ‘normal’ age to have your first kiss?

large Whicdn Whicdn

We’re going to say that the ‘normal’ age to have your first kiss is subjective, but the average age is around 15.

Remember all those hours you agonised over this as a teenager? Good times.

5. Why do they call it ‘French kissing’?

persons-0012 Shopify Shopify

Because at the start of the 20th century, the French had a reputation of being duurtbirds (or more adventurous when it came to sex).

In France, they call French kissing ‘unbaiser amoureux’ (a lover’s kiss) or ‘un baiser avec la langue’ (a kiss with the tongue).

6. Will I ever forget my manky first kiss?

WzNDipJ Imgur Imgur

Er, no. According to research from Butler University in the US, most people remember their first kiss better than many other life experiences, including losing their virginity.

7. What do girls think of kissing lads with beards?

Filming Fifty Shades 'not sexy' PA Wire / Press Association Images You'd probably give it a go anyway, wouldn't you? Ah you would. PA Wire / Press Association Images / Press Association Images

…Most of them don’t like it. Sorry lads.

In his book The Art of Kissing, William Cane found that 53% of women preferred kissing clean-shaven men.

8. How can I be the best shift I can be?

tumblr_inline_nhgu0ed3V41qgnwa0 Tumblr Tumblr

Wanting to grow and improve is the first step. Here are some handy tips:

  • Tongue is best used sparingly. You’re not a cat. Don’t give them a tongue bath.
  • Pay attention to body language. Don’t focus so hard on getting your tongue down their throat that you can’t see they’re trying to get away.
  • You ARE allowed to discreetly swallow your saliva. It’s actually welcomed.

Now get out there and shift. Shift like your life depends on it.

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