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10 useful infographics that will help you be better in the kitchen

These will magically make you not suck at cooking, promise.

LIFE IS TOUGH, sometimes you need a visual guide to help you through it.

Bookmark this article for quick reference and become a master in the kitchen.

1. Is your avocado ripe? Here’s how to tell

ripe_guide Source: lifeslittleoasis

2. How to cook a steak to perfection every time

cook-a-steak-blue-rare-medium-welldone Source: Bigcommerce

3. Or how to tell by touch

amazing-life-hacks-2 Source: via thechive

4. Sick of cups in American recipes?

05393bedc89a43705080ef4d556817b9 Source: Pinterest

5. Or just get the feel of measurements

h9991355_007 Source: Photobucket

6. Never have soggy veg again

veggie-cooking-cheat-sheet Source: Gll-getalife

7. Never be stumped in the supermarket wine aisle again

wine-bottle-types Source: Winefolly

7. Know what wine to have with your meal

wine-and-food-pairing-chart Source: Winefolly

8. Or how to spice it

ANm38fc Source: Imgur

9. What to substitute

Who ever remembers everything from the shopping list?




slice_3_0 Source: via Imgur

10. And never mix up your knives again



slice11_2_0 Source: via Imgur

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