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The great kitchen roll debate: How much should you use and when?

Have your say on this urgent, pressing issue.

IT’S BEEN A long, tough week around these parts. We at Dailyedge.ie have tracked Kimye with a closer eye than NORAD on Santa, decided that one should never wear Beats by Dre in public, and spent more time than advisable watching three Irish lads dance around the world.

Now, we turn our attention to the humble kitchen roll. The cause of many household debates and rows with your mam.

Spill water? J-Cloth. Need to clean off the table? Dust cloth. Dry your hands? Towel under the sink.

Ew69dB8 STILL not acceptable grounds for use. Sure isn't the bib catching it? Source: Imgur

The kitchen roll was for illusive but very REAL emergencies in liquid absorption.

Or is it? Yesterday we asked if all Irish people grew up with this terror, and if they still experience it now.

Some used it liberally

Others learned their lesson in their mad, careless youth

But pretty much everyone had a roll-guarding mammy

But this is just a small sample. We need to go deeper.

Where do you stand? How often should we use kitchen roll?

Poll Results:

Any spill that requires it (393)
Always, with blatant disregard for trees and money (290)
Only in extreme emergencies, mopping up the blood of my enemies etc (91)
To cover our fancy kitchen roll stand (29)
Under absolutely no circumstances, it's for show (22)

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