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# Kittens

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# Longford
Newborn kittens abandoned in plastic bag taken into ISPCA care
The kittens were found by gardaĆ­ near a cemetery in Co Longford.
20 pieces of indisputable evidence that all cats are evil
The list of their atrocities is endless.
# Dublin
GardaĆ­ warn pet owners to be responsible after finding abandoned kittens in suitcase
The DSPCA has re-homed over 900 cats and kittens to date in 2016, an increase on previous years.
# kitty pancakes
This guy is going viral for making tiny pancakes for his girlfriend's kitten
# Looking for a home
Home sought for dozens of stray cats as rescue group loses Dublin HQ
The Phibsboro Cat Rescue are looking for a centre where they can house the cats they rescue.
# missy and girlie
These students surprised their teacher with two kittens after finding out her cat had died
Her reaction is SO sweet.
# taken in
This woman found two kittens while out hiking and now takes them everywhere on her travels
The little adventurers.
# the force a-kittens
Charity hopes to find homes for kittens abandoned on Christmas Eve - by naming them after Star Wars characters
The seven kittens were left at London’s Wood Green Animal Charity on 24 December.
# Animal Cruelty
Youths in Ballymun attempt to set fire to four kittens
Other young people in the area saw what they were doing and rescued the kittens.
# Cork
Gang of youths 'laughed and cheered' as they set two dogs on a kitten
Pet owners in Cork city are being warned to be on the lookout for a gang of children who are targeting people’s pets.
# new home
Can you help? This cat was shot with a pellet gun and is up for adoption
This female cat, Allie, broke her leg in a fall after being shot.
# pet your titties
This little boy's mispronunciation of 'kittens' is hilariously unfortunate
You want to pet WHAT.
# you're kitten me
CNN claims that ISIS is 'luring' women using kittens and Nutella
That’s us done for.
# kitten therapy
Stressed-out people put in a glass box with a load of kittens
The dream. The absolute dream.
# i volunteer
A UK animal shelter is looking for 'kitten cuddlers' to hug its cats
We feel like they will find more than a few of them.
# Animal Welfare
15 black kittens found in suitcase dumped outside animal hospital
The discovery was made in Southampton.
# spay that stray
Campaign underway to have stray cats neutered
Cat owners and casual feeders are being encouraged to help tackling the overpopulation issue.
# cat melodeon
Adorable kittens perform perfectly synchronised routine
Seven little kittens, all in a row.
# best friends
16 reasons children and pets are a magic combination
Rugrats, of all types.
# paw and order
11 animals that need to stop what they're doing right now
# turn down for what
These kittens are suspiciously good at dancing
# damage control
Weatherman saves tiny shivering kitten from tornado rubble
The little thing was very cold, very wet, and very sad.
# Nine lives
Two newborn kittens survive being boxed up and shipped 120 miles
They’ve named them Mouse and Wifi. Aww.
# when's our turn?
9 of the luckiest people alive
Some people get all the breaks.
# the lion kitten
WATCH: The Lion King as voiced by kids and acted out by kittens
What’s not to like?
# action
Baby and kittens are impressed by Ronaldo's skills
This is one of the better viral campaigns we’ve seen from Nike.
# in it together
Working this bank holiday? Join our support group
We’re here for you.
# tail fail
Cat attempts to catch its own tail, fails spectacularly
Careful now.
# cat trouble
This is what happens when a cat confronts a baby
We’re not sure who is in the wrong here really.
# zzzzzzzzzzzzzz
13 animals who really need their beds
These guys know just how you feel.
# mirror mirror
VIDEO: Seriously, this is the best thing you're going to see today
HEY! WHO’S THAT GUY?! Kittens and puppies versus the mirror
# easter madness
11 animals who are VERY disappointed in their owners right now
The animals themselves do not look impressed.
# Work Can Wait
VIDEOS: Meet the most patient dog in the world
Take a break this afternoon and get your eyes around this.
# cat flu
DSPCA issue urgent foster appeal for cats
Around 20 cats and kittens have contracted cat flu and need to be homed until they recover.
# Brrrr
11 totally reasonable ways to keep warm today
You won’t find these tips anywhere else.
# because science
Seeing this photo will make you more productive at work today*
*Possibly. Here’s why…
# Kittens
VIDEO: Eight weeks of kittens in five minutes
From birth to boxing the heads off each other… check out these amazing furballs.
Pictures: Want to join the Cat Fanciers Association?...
… after seeing these pictures from China, so do we!
# Friday Slideshow
It's Friday (the 13th)! So here's a slideshow of black cats and kittens from around the world
For the day that’s in it.
# Google
Google's 'computer brain' loves cat videos as much as you do
And here are our five favourite cat videos to celebrate Google’s achievement…