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This woman found two kittens while out hiking and now takes them everywhere on her travels

The little adventurers.

IT’S A STORY that the cynical world of the internet has fallen in love with overnight.

Shared to Imgur, it’s a simple story of a chance encounter with two kittens while one woman was on a hike:

“A few months ago, my friend found a pair of kittens while hiking in the middle of nowhere.”

myfriend Source: Imgur

And her friend tells the story of how they became her little companions:

“She took them in, but she also takes them back out quite a bit.”

myfriend2 Source: Imgur

“They are her hiking/adventuring buddies, and mostly hang out in her jacket.”

myfriend3 Source: Imgur

The scenery of the Pacific Northwest that these kittens have now seen <3

kayak Source: Imgur

Ususally tucked into her jacket

kayak2 Source: Imgur

“She named them Bolt and Keel, after her two greatest joys (climbing and paddling).”

kayak3 Source: Imgur

They’re now big enough to walk

bigenoughtowalk Source: Imgur

So they have a nice new home, and get themselves taken on regular adventures

backpack Source: Imgur

A very happy ending.

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