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11 animals who are VERY disappointed in their owners right now

The animals themselves do not look impressed.

FOR MANY PEOPLE, Easter is just another day.  For others, it’s a day to go to mass, eat chocolate and spend time with family.  For some, it’s a day to dress your animal up like a rabbit.

We’re not so big on the Easter bunny in Ireland, but in North America, he’s kind of a big deal.

As a result, we give you, eleven animals dressed up as the Easter bunny.

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"I honestly could not give a rat's ass what day it is."  Can’t see the image? Try reloading this post (Imgur)

"I mean...come on." Can’t see the image? Try reloading this post (Imgur)

"What are you looking at?  Have I got something on my head?" Can’t see the image? Try reloading this post (Imgur)

"As if I wasn' miserable enough." Image via shutterstock.com

"How do I look?  Do I look cute?!?" Can’t see the image? Try reloading this post (Imgur)

" I CAN'T SEE ANYTHING!  I'VE GONE BLIND!" Flickr/dora_marie

"Oh for God's sake.  Do you have to take a picture?" animalsdressedasanimals.tumblr.com

"Seriously?" Image via Twitter

"Please just let this madness end." Image via Shutterstock

'I can't believe you've taken me out in public like this.'  Image via Twitter

"You're having a laugh."  Image via Weyume

Happy Easter from the Daily Edge.

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