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11 animals that need to stop what they're doing right now


IF YOU NEEDED evidence that humans are in fact the cleverer species (sometimes), here it is.

Just look at this lot. They’re hopeless.

This cat that just…what are you even doing, cat?

1MxFhTF Source: Imgur

This dog that needs to learn that bees are not food

Bee stings aren't fun. - Imgur Source: Imgur

This raccoon that should probably consider another career over ‘cat groomer’, for its own safety

Me when I accidently hurt someone - Imgur Source: Imgur

This dog that needs to get away from water, STAT


This kitten that needs to quit its impossible task immediately

tumblr_n4u9lhDkCh1tv4atfo1_400 Source: Tumblr

This ram that could probably use a little help

tumblr_lsppaftC0m1qez3dho1_500 Source: Tumblr

This kangaroo that has just learned the true meaning of “The more haste, the less speed”

Zbb9C2U Source: Imgur

This dog that was bound to fail, right from the beginning


These kittens that played with fire, and now they’re getting burned

Source: MoonGrate/YouTube

This horse that definitely needs a new toy

horse-exercise-ball Source: Lolzgif

And this dog that knows in its heart that nothing good can come of this

chairdog Source: Tumblr

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