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A brief history of Laura Whitmore's obsession with chicken fillet rolls

Emigrant problems.

LAURA WHITMORE HAS never kept her love for chicken fillet rolls a secret. Her affection towards the sandwiches can be traced all the way back to 2010. That’s seven years of chicken fillet roll tweets. Who else is that dedicated?

1. Airplane bagels will never come close to a chicken fillet roll

2. She was clearly still getting to grips with how to use Twitter at this stage.

3. Regardless of how long she’s in Ireland, she will always hunt down a chicken fillet roll.

4. She didn’t always call them chicken fillet rolls, but she did always love them.

5. A year later she shared a photo of herself back in Ireland treating herself to one.

PastedImage-72556 Source: Laura Whitmore/Twitter

6. A month later, she still had not recovered from her craving for a chicken fillet roll, and shared a hilarious tweet about going to get one.

7. Things were quiet on the chicken fillet roll front for a while after that. No mention of them until the following February.

8. Then she brought a friend to try his first chicken fillet roll in an unidentified deli. Looks like a Londis.

9. Her trips home seem to revolve around getting a chicken fillet roll.

10. It looks like she had several on this particular return home because 14 days later she was still questioning the effects they were having on her health.

11. This is an essential part of Irish philosophy.

We do not have high expectations.

12. Even when she’s travelling around the continent, she’s still thinking about chicken fillet rolls.

13. It doesn’t matter what time of day it is.

14. Or where you eat it.

15. Needless to say, she was just as disappointed as the rest of us when RTÉ released their exposé on chicken fillet rolls last year.

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