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# WOrld War Z
Leicester City Council admits it's not ready for a zombie attack
The residents of Leicester might need to start preparing themselves for World War Z, because the council sure isn’t ready. We’re also giving you some of the survival basics.

LEICESTER CITY COUNCIL has admitted that it is unprepared for any imminent zombie invasion after member of the public asked about what provisions have been made via a Freedom of Information request.

Lynn Wyeth, head of information governance has said that the inquiry gave them quite the laugh, and she’s admitted that the council have no plan to take on zombies should World War Z break out reports The Independent.

A person describing themselves simple as a “concerned citizen” sent in the request for information, and recommended that councils across the country should prepare for a zombie invasion.

Wyeth added that while such inquiries may seem over the top or “frivolous and a waste of time…to different people it actually means something”.

What can you do to prepare for a zombie invasion?

  • Max Brooks, author of World War Z and The Zombie Survival Guide has laid out a detailed guide for dealing with a potential zombie attack. His first piece of advice? Never let your guard down. BE VIGILANT
  • Brooks advises that amputation of an infected limb rarely works, you must destroy the zombie’s brain
  • What about weapons? A machete, a crowbar or a spade will probably serve you best. While a bullet will destroy the brain, you will eventually run out of bullets.
  • Choose your base carefully and know all your exits, and more importantly, the entrances. Be prepared to be on the move.
  • A bicycle is an ideal method of transportation according to Brooks. It’s silent and it doesn’t need fuel.
  • The Zombieland movie lays out some very specific rules, including the importance of the ‘double tap’. Don’t assume the zombie is dead (again). Go back and make sure.
  • Zombieland reiterates the need to know your exits. When in doubt, know your way out!
  • Always check the backseat of any vehicle you use. Zombies can be a stealthy foe.
  • Maintain your fitness. If you can’t move, you can’t survive.

Good luck!

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