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Lemon in the armpit? Pickled sheep eye? 7 strange hangover cures

Fancy some rabbit dropping tea after a night out? Some fried canary? Thought not…

WHAT’S YOUR IDEAL version of hair of the dog? Lemon in the armpit? Pickled sheep’s eyes?

Probably not some of the things you’d be too interested in indulging in after imbibing a few ales the night before, but they are all recognised hangover cures from around the world.

Bon Appétit magazine has declared that this week, for some reason, is Hangover Week, and has offered a novel hangover cure, in the form of an ice-pop. A New Zealand wine company has teamed up with an artisan ice-pop maker to create an alcoholic fruity treat on a stick.

Not all hangover cures are quite so tasty however….

Lemon in the armpit? Pickled sheep eye? 7 strange hangover cures
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  • Lemon in the armpit

    In Puerto Rico rubbing a slice of lemon or lime in the armpit of your 'drinking arm' before you indulge in any beverages is supposed to ward off any headache or dehydration the next morning. And if it doesn't work at least you'd be smelling fresh....
  • The Hangover Bus

    Las Vegas' Hangover Bus picks up revellers who've overdone it the night before and are offers them IV fluids in an effort to rehydrate and rejuvenate them. (AP Photo/Julie Jacobson)
  • Pickled sheep eye

    Outer Mongolia's answer to hair of the dog is to make a delicious cocktail of pickled sheeps eyes and tomato juice and you'll be right as rain. (Pic: Sarah Barker via Creative Commons)
  • Buried in sand

    It's claimed that a traditional Irish cure for a hangover was to be buried up to the neck in moist river sand. Might just be easier to make a bacon sandwich though... (Pic: BowenMurphy via Creative Commons)
  • Rhino horn

    Nguyen Huong Giang, 24, grinds rhinoceros horn with water at her apartment in Hanoi, Vietnam, demonstrating how she makes a liquid concoction she ingests after drinking too much alcohol or when suffering from allergies. We don't recommend this one though. Wildlife conservationists warn that Vietnam's surging demand for such horns, which are believed to treat everything from hangovers to cancer, is threatening to wipe out the world'’s remaining rhino populations. (AP Photo/Na Son Nguyen)
  • Deep fried canary

    We can't imagine anything happening to this little yellow follow, but apparently in ancient Greece deep friend canary was your only man to cure a hangover. (Pic: Ryan Sullivan via Creative Commons)
  • Rabbit dropping tea

    In the Old West the only thing for a sore head was rabbit dropping tea. Hardy cowboys used to stick the kettle on and sup it down after a hard night on the sauce. (Pic: nojhan via Creative Commons)

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