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Silent disco inspires massive Let it Go singalong on Galway street

The cold never bothered them anyway.

THE ROISIN DUBH pub and venue in Galway city are fans of occasionally holding silent discos outside on the street.

(A silent disco is where each participant wears a set of headphones and only they can hear what is being played by the DJs.

Sometimes two or more DJs may be playing different music to the same crowd)

In a stroke of genius, one of the Roisin Dubh silent disco DJs put on Let it Go from Disney’s Frozen.

Watch the pure joy unfold:

Roisin Dubh / YouTube

Thanks to Tara Finn for the heads up and Gugai for sending on the video.

Incredibly hard marines emoting along to Let it Go>

Lip syncing Dad steals the show during daughter’s rendition of Let it Go>