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in rainbows

This is what a life-sized unicorn cake looks like

Wait ’til you see its insides!

THIS MAY BE the closest you’ll ever come to seeing a real life unicorn, friends.

As part of last week’s National Baking Week in the UK, food artists created a eutopian land (a Baketopia, if you will) made of food, and one of the main features was this life-sized unicorn cake.

puHHJDF Imgur Imgur

Incredible, eh? The fact that that unicorn is made of cake is amazing on its own (check out the muscle definition!), but what really makes this extra special is what it looks like on the inside.

Why?  Because the unicorn’s insides are made of rainbows, of course!

KuKl1Sr Imgur Imgur

Perhaps we should believe in magic!

H/T to io9

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