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7 everyday things you are actually doing wrong

You have been peeling bananas, brushing your teeth and sitting down WRONG.

IMAGINE OUR SURPRISE to find that we were actually looking at the world upside down.

It turns out we didn’t have a breeze. Things we had taken for granted, things we were completely confident we had a handle on – blown out of the water. It’s like finding out grass isn’t green after all.

Hold onto your hats. Here are the things in life you’ve been doing completely wrong without realising.

1. Breaking a Toblerone

Think you’ve been doing it right? Well check out this devastating image. We’ve had it backwards, all this time.

Image: Imgur

2. Holding a drink

Beer bottles s have long necks for a reason. You’re supposed to hold beer bottles by the neck in order to stop your warm hand heating up the cold drink and affecting its ideal taste. Ditto wine glasses with their slender stems. It’s not to look fancy, you know. (Well not only to look fancy.)

Image: Know Your Meme

3. Using bobby pins

Ladies, we have all been – quite literally – using these things back to front all our lives. A revelation. The wavy side should be facing downwards into your hair – it has better grip, stays longer, stops the bobby pin stretching, and slides in smoother.

Image: Barbies Beauty Bits

4. Peeling a banana

Have you been eating bananas your whole life? Well, you’ve been peeling them wrong all that time too. Pinch it.


5. Brushing your teeth

According to Lifehacker, rinsing your teeth after brushing washes away some of fluoride that is meant to coat and protect your teeth. So, if you’ve been rinsing after brushing, you’ve been doing it wrong.

Image: The FW

6. Opening sugar stick packets

Do you just tear the little top off a sugar stick and dump it into your coffee or tea? Well, newsflash: you could have it so much better. Try tearing down the middle. You don’t get any small, annoying bits of paper left over and it’s much easier.

Image: Izismile

7. Eating chicken wings

This video is mind-blowing stuff. It not only reduces the wastefulness of wings, but also cuts down on mess and embarrassing gnawing. Basically, this will make wings appropriate first date territory. Round of applause.


Now, go forth. Pass on these valuable, amazing nuggets of newly found knowledge. Share this post with anyone you think could do with an eye-opening experience today.

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