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Lily Allen threw extreme shade at Rita Ora's tribute to Prince... it's The Dredge

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Last night, the death was announced of Prince and tributes poured in from celebrities, musicians and fans alike. Among those to pay tribute was pop star Rita Ora, who shared this message on Twitter.

Tweet by @Rita Ora Rita Ora / Twitter Rita Ora / Twitter / Twitter

Quite sweet and touching, right?

Well, Lily Allen was quite skeptical of the whole thing and decided to ask Ora for photos.

No, really.

pics or it never happened

Ah Lily.

Many pointed out to Lily that Rita Ora had actually collaborated with Prince.

Lily has since deleted the offending tweet. Oh dear. (Metro)

No, but really, what is it about a celebrity’s death that causes people to lose the run of themselves? Last night, guitarist Andrew Watt shared a lengthy tribute to Prince on Instagram in which he described the late musician as “the last of the greatest living performers”.

And Justin Bieber wasn’t having any of it.

CgmB-_kUoAA6zA9 World Star Hip Hop / Twitter World Star Hip Hop / Twitter / Twitter

Justin, this is not the time to stake your claim as “the greatest living performer”. Prince hasn’t even been laid to rest yet.

Please now. (Refinery29)

In other news, Kylie Jenner and Blac Chyna are claiming that they’re best friends. Ugh.

Quick background here: Kylie Jenner dates Tyga, who has a child with Blac Chyna. Blac Chyna is apparently engaged to Kylie’s half-brother, Rob Kardashian. The two have been sworn enemies since, oh, forever. 

Yesterday, though, Kylie Jenner shared photos on her Snapchat that suggests the pair are on good terms.


Sorry, are you joking? 

Even Mother Teresa couldn’t be ‘best friends’ with her ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend.


And the rest of the day’s dirt…

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