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Jessie J and Channing Tatum are already discussing marriage's The Dredge

Another day, another heap of celeb dirt.

Kanye West said that Drake has been threatening him's The Dredge

All the celeb dirt you need to ease you into the weekend.

Cheryl Cole asked Piers Morgan to pose naked for her live drawing's The Dredge

Here’s all the celeb dirt you need to kick-start your week.

Kanye West said he realises he has been 'used' and vows to step away from politics... it's The Dredge

We can’t promise that all of this celeb dirt is spooky.

Nicki Minaj is offering $100k to anybody who can provide CCTV of her fight with Cardi B's The Dredge

A heap of celeb dirt to ease you back into the week.

Ashton Kutcher hit a young man with his car and posed for a photo to apologise's The Dredge

Some celeb dirt to get you through a Friday morning.

Drake is apparently now dating an 18-year-old's The Dredge

A rake of the day’s celeb dirt.

Christina Aguilera had a little bop to 'Dirrty' in Xico last night... it's The Dredge

We guess you could say today’s celeb goss is ‘Dirrty’.

Two members of Boyzone 'ruined' a woman's wedding day's The Dredge

All of the celeb goss from the bank holiday weekend.

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson had the cutest karaoke party for her birthday... it's The Dredge

The final roundup of the week’s celeb dirt.

Kim Kardashian has been tearing into one of Kanye's oldest friends on's The Dredge

All of the celeb dirt you need to kick off your week.

Potential Met Ball Hook-up? Emma Stone and Justin Theroux were spotted leaving's The Dredge

To paraphrase Xtina, if you wanna get dirty, it’s time for the dredge.

Brian McFadden said it's 'ego' that's preventing a Westlife reunion... it's The Dredge

We’d a look and found all the celeb goss you need to know for your weekend,

Meghan Markle's friend Priyanka Chopra was 'scammed' into talking about the Royal's The Dredge

We sieved through d’internet and found all the best dirt

Another day, another Kardashian scandal, this time involving Kris, Kanye and's The Dredge

Hump day made better with a heap of celeb dirty laundry.

Kanye West hinted he might run for President in 2024... it's The Dredge

Here is your daily dose of celeb goss.

Kate Middleton is currently in labour with her third child... it's The Dredge

All of the celeb dirt you need to kick off your week.

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