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Spotify given a dressing down over Lily Allen "F*** You" recommendation

The company are red-faced after recommending some users to “give it a try. F*** You”.

IT’S HARD OUT HERE for a music streaming service, didn’t you know?

Spotify have been told off by the Advertising Standards Authority in the UK for sending out an email that promoted a rather rudely-titled Lily Allen song.

The ASA stepped in after getting a complaint email from a Spotify user, who took offence to the use of swear words in the ad.

lilyallen Source: Marketing Magazine

Have you heard this song by Lily Allen? Give it a try. F*** You

Spotify said that song recommendations are chosen by an algorithm that reads users music preferences, and the Lily Allen song wasn’t specifically chosen to shock people, but the ASA ruled that the ad had breached advertising codes:

We told Spotify to ensure their future advertising contained nothing that was likely to cause serious or widespread offence.

Naughty naughty, Spotify.

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