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# there's still hope
STOP THE PRESSES! Lindsay Lohan in charming and coherent interview shocker!
Watch the video here.

AS WE SAID recently, we are not quite ready to give up on Lindsay Lohan, so when we began to watch last night’s David Letterman interview we were a little apprehensive.

Who would it be?  Zonked Lindsay?  Lucid Lindsay?  Honest Lindsay?  In-denial Lindsay?  Who could have known?

As it turns out, we had nothing to worry about.  It was almost as if she was, well, ok!

Here are the best bits.

When she actually takes responsibility for her past indiscretions

When she poses for a ‘rehab worked for us’ photo with Dave

The part where she says that Tina Fey is going to drive her to rehab, but then says she doesn’t want to make a joke out of going to rehab because it’s not a joke

(She’s right.)

PBG/PBG/Empics Entertainment

The part where she jokes about there being vodka in her mug to break some emotional tension

The part where she tears up because Dave is being sweet

Yes, she's prococious, but who knows, maybe this time she really will turn it around.


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