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# Jay on Donald
Jay-Z told Letterman that Trump's presidency is ultimately 'a great thing' for the United States
‘We have to talk about the N-word.’
# Jay Z
Jay-Z spoke to David Letterman about how he cried when his mother came out as gay
“For her to sit in front of me and tell me “I think I love someone”, I really cried.”
# Your Say
Poll: Would you miss The Late Late Show if it was gone?
Go on, be honest.
# top ten
David Letterman officially retired last night, and got all his celeb mates to make fun of him
Tina Fey, Jim Carrey, Jerry Seinfeld… Literally everyone who has ever been famous for being funny.
# the last show
"Our long national nightmare is over": Ex-presidents give Letterman the send-off he deserves
Steve Martin, Tina Fey, Seinfeld, Foo Fighters. Some chap called Barack Obama. Letterman’s final outing was pretty star-studded.
# slan go foill
Last Late Show: 8 of the most memorable Irish moments on Letterman
Peter O’Toole on a camel, anyone?
# another stout
How a Galway accordion player ended up on Letterman with Tom Waits
Galway musician Gabriel Donohue played with Waits on Letterman this week, and has some stories to tell.
# dammit lemon
Tina Fey whipped off her dress on a chat show, is now a hero
Well, that’s one way to say goodbye.
# one weird trick
This dog has the best 'play dead' trick you'll see today
He’s not messing around.
# tv picks
What to watch on TV tonight: Tuesday
Here are the shows that’ll be on your Twitter timeline later.
# colbert nation
Stephen Colbert gatecrashes The Daily Show for his own hilarious 'best bits'
It’s become clear to us that he’s won television.
# celtic solidarity
10 wonderful clips that PROVE Craig Ferguson was robbed of the Letterman gig...
He has a robot skeleton sidekick, a pantomime horse… and a Peabody Award (somehow).
# News Fix
Here's What Happened Today: Thursday
Everyonne’s talking about the Omagh bomb, Rehab revelations, and President Higgins…
# The Late Show
Stephen Colbert to replace David Letterman as host of The Late Show
Letterman announced his plans to retire from the US talk show last week.
# o'humping
Letterman's top 10 Irish expressions for sex are outrageous
OK, OK, you’ve had your laughs.
# news from cbs
That's all folks: David Letterman to quit late night next year
He outlasted Leno. Now he’s happy.
# laser tag
The Strypes performed on David Letterman and totally stole the show
The Cavan band gave a show-stopping performance on the US chat show.
5 of Peter O'Toole's most legendary moments
The Irish actor died on Saturday at the age of 81.
# billarace
Bill Murray arrives at Letterman in majestic white regalia
And gives delightful interview…
# killing it
WATCH: Chris O’Dowd talks Boyle and GAA on David Letterman
# there's still hope
STOP THE PRESSES! Lindsay Lohan in charming and coherent interview shocker!
Watch the video here.
# Could do better
Letterman springs a history quiz on David Cameron
The talk show host presented the British prime minister with a citizenship challenge.
# US 2012
Redistribution of wealth 'a foreign concept', says Mitt Romney
The Republican candidate for US president says seeking the spread of wealth has made government become too big and too expensive.
# possible spoiler
Did David Letterman give away a major Dark Knight spoiler on US TV?
He may have just been joking about a MAJOR detail of what happens in The Dark Knight Rises – but it’s hard to tell.
# Guest Appearance
WATCH: Bubba Watson on the Late Show with David Letterman
The new US Masters champion described his playing style as ‘awesome’ on the hit chat show.
# Home Sweet Home
Michelle Obama on how to make the White House feel 'like the South Side of Chicago'
How do you bring up respectful, humble children when there are butlers milling about your home?
# Cover story
Kate Upton is on the cover of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue
We only buy it for the ice hockey results obviously.
# Bye Bye
I had a blast… but never again – Ricky Gervais
The British comedian has admitted that he only hosted the Golden Globes a third time to “annoy people”.
# Cain
Watch: Herman Cain discusses sexual harassment allegations with Letterman
The Republican Party presidential candidate and businessman said that the accusations are all “baseless”.
# Rick Perry
If you can't laugh at yourself... Perry goes on Letterman after debate gaffe
He couldn’t remember his policies but he could remember all ten of these funny excuses…
# death Threat
Jihadists issue death threat against talk show host David Letterman
The CBS talk show host, targeted as a “lowly Jew”, is threatened over a joke about the death of a terrorist operative.
# Land of Open Rory
What Rory did next: six career options now open to the champ
Following his US Open success at the weekend, we look at the steps McIlroy could take to mark his triumph.
# Ten Things
What was Obama thinking when his car got stuck?
David Letterman thinks he knows what Barack Obama was thinking as ‘The Beast’ became stuck on a high ramp.
# Michael Douglas
Michael Douglas confirms spread of cancer
‘Wall Street’ star says cancer is worse than was originally expected.