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Five firefighters had to rescue a little girl who got her foot stuck in a toy robot

They had to saw the toy in half to get her out. Devo.

WE ALL GOT ourselves into sticky situations as children, but how many of us needed five firefighters to help us get out of them? Yeah.

Two-year-old Darcie was left to her own devices yesterday morning – and managed to get her foot firmly stuck in this toy robot:

CHwwoAqW8AEWgS0 Source: Twitter/@oldburyfire

Her dad Steve Butler told the BBC that they had tried to pull apart the toy before calling in the fire brigade to take over.

A crew of what appears to be five firefighters arrived on scene to rescue Darcie – Steve said she was laughing and enjoying being the centre of attention:

Unfortunately, the offending toy was not to survive the ordeal and had to be cut in half to free Darcie.

Still, it hasn’t deterred her, says Butler:

She did like the toy, but she’s not too bothered. She’s playing with both halves.

Atta girl.

CHwwoBuW8AAftNv Source: Twimg

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