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10 little things that would make any Irish person jump for joy

*punches the air*

YESTERDAY, WE GAVE you ten mildly infuriating things that can almost ruin your day.

Now we’re lightening the mood a little bit – here are ten things that would put any Irish person in great form altogether.

1. When the bus fare machine is broken

17002980750_935206647a_z Flickr / infomatique Flickr / infomatique / infomatique

And the driver happily waves you on. They know.

2. Finding something great on the sale rail in Penneys

502605610_2465d71acb_z Flickr / willismonroe Flickr / willismonroe / willismonroe

You’ll be saying “Thanks, Penneys! €4!” until you’re blue in the face. AND YOU’LL LOVE IT.

3. An unexpected cup of tea, just when you needed it

tumblr_mb7talJdFO1qfx0b8o1_500 Tumblr Tumblr

Some people in your life have a sixth sense when it comes to tea. You da real MVP, brewmaker.

4. No queues in Lidl/Aldi

dawn of the lidl. only time you'll see no queue Is this...heaven? Instagram / lupinehorror Instagram / lupinehorror / lupinehorror

So rare, we almost don’t believe it when we see it.

5. Saying ‘feck it’ and having a crisp sandwich/chicken fillet roll for lunch


6. Coming into money

rolling-in-money-gif Stephaniefeagan Stephaniefeagan

Payday. Getting €20 in a birthday card. Finding €2 on the ground, a fiver in your coat pocket, or even just an unexpected €10 still lingering in your wallet.

7. When there’s just enough milk left to colour your tea


It’s OK to be a little selfish once in a while. (Just don’t put the empty carton back in the fridge.)

8. When a midweek session is cancelled

cancelling-plans Nkayesel Nkayesel

And you can watch whatever awful movie RTÉ is showing that night, in your jammies, with a bag of jellies. Plus, no work hangover the next day.

9. Getting a good deal on petrol


And then telling everyone about it.

10. And when no one sits beside you on public transport

It might be because you smell. But it might also be because the gods decided you needed all that space to yourself.

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