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coming in drunk

8 undeniable downsides to still living at home with your parents

As long as you live under my roof…

IN IRELAND ALMOST 23 percent of young people between the ages of 25 and 35 live at home with their parents.

While that probably constitutes a hell of a lot of home cooked meals, bonus clothes washing and a never-ending supply of toilet roll, it also has its downsides…

Telling people you live at home

This revelation is always followed by a flurry of excuses:

Oh well it’s only because I’m saving for a house and sure they live close enough to town anyway and they’re getting on and I like to keep an eye on them and look at all the money I’m saving aren’t you the bigger fool paying all that rent.

Living with your parents - Imgur Imgur Imgur

Coming in after a night on the sauce

You are instantly transported back to your teenage days, when you desperately tried to hide the fact that you got trollied on four strawberry Woodys and three cans of Ritz while you were supposed to be at the cinema.

Now, even though you’re actually allowed to drink, and your parents know you’ve been out, you still can’t let them see you in a heap.

No matter how much of this you do to yourself at the front door:

X4l4CcZ Imgur Imgur

You WILL still make a racket like this:

aNepxR3_460sa Cloudfront Cloudfront

And then crash around the kitchen making toast and eating the chicken meant for tomorrow’s lunch:

Coming home drunk, trying not to wake anyone up - Imgur Imgur Imgur

Waking up after a night on the sauce

Why yes, that IS your mother hoovering the landing at 8.43am.


Are you coming to mass with me?

Homer_hedge Nocookie Nocookie

Answering the house phone

It is NEVER, EVER for you, but you still have to answer it, thus getting stuck talking to Auntie Peggy/Maura from up the road/the man coming to fix the boiler.



Even worse than the phone ringing is the doorbell ringing.

Your parents will definitely call you in to “say hello” to someone you haven’t seen since you were seven, and then leave you alone with them.

When your friend introduces you to someone for the first time, then leaves for a phone call - Imgur Imgur Imgur

Lámh dropping

Nothing hampers your love life quiet like the following factors:

a) Telling someone you live with your parents

b) Telling someone that if they come home with you your parents will be there so you will have to be quiet

c) Bringing someone home to your childhood bedroom with may contain any of the following: A He-Man duvet cover, a shelf full of Care Bears, Irish dancing medals, a sibling.

watch Pinterest Pinterest

And of course there’s the embarrassment of meeting your dad on the stairs the following morning.


Why should they knock? Sure it’s their house.

133470 Arwrath Arwrath

You may ever resort to these tactics:

So my sister just put this up on her bedroom door. - Imgur Imgur Imgur

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