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A woman got locked inside a department store and live-tweeted her experience

Oh Canada.

SOME MIGHT SAY Emily M. Keeler was living the dream on Wednesday night.

The Canadian woman headed off to her local department store in search of some bed sheets and ended up having to consider sleeping in them when she accidentally got locked in.

In the interim Keeler – who is also a writer and editor – decided to live-tweet her experience as it happened.

Source: Giphy

Suddenly, there was hope.

However, it was swiftly dashed when she discovered nothing more than a locked fire exit.

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Keeler then returned to the nearest security office in the hopes of being able to contact a Hudson Bay Company security guard.

Twitter soon picked up on her plight and offered some friendly advice.

CTVNews.ca reported that Toronto Police confirmed a call was made by a woman to non-emergency police dispatch at around 8.30pm.

Source: Giphy

Twitter offered another helpful hint.


Then, something amazing happened.

Source: Giphy

And finally, Emily’s ordeal was over.

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