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11 ice creams from an Irish childhood that must be brought back immediately

The campaign starts here.

SUMMER IS UPON us and that means only one thing.

Ice cream. But what of the forgotten ice creams? The fan favourites that have gone up to the great big freezer in the sky?

We want them back. And the campaign to get them back starts HERE, my friends.

1. Fat Frogs

Pretty much the Holy Grail of lost ice creams. We need some sort of Indiana Jones of ice cream, a Raider of the Lost Lollies, to sort out getting the Fat Frog back for us. Why did it ever leave?

Source: SMQ1369/YouTube

2. The Jurassic Park ice lolly

This was a limited edition treat, and we’re urging any DailyEdge.ie readers with pictures of one (or the wrapper) to send them in to fiona@dailyedge.ie. This delectable confection had the green exterior of a Fat Frog, with gooey red innards. Surely someone else out there must remember?

Further to this limited edition dream cream, here’s another one-time-only run – the summer of sin with Magnum in 2003:

Source: Fbcdn/HB Ice Cream Memories

3. Solero Shots

Little containers of goodness. Pellets of ice and food colouring and sugar. Basically, exactly what you wanted as a youngster on a sunny day. Shake ‘em into your mouth. Hands-free ice cream – as good as it gets.

Source: culy.nl

4. Dracula

A more macabre ice lolly than your average – “blood red innards” and all.

Source: Brand New Retro

5. Thataways

An ice cream perfect for gesticulating rude things to your pals with. Every time we see those foam fingers at American sporting events, a tug in our heart longs for a Thataway.

Source: Fbcdn/HB Ice Cream Memories

6. Sky

The Sky ice cream bar was vanilla with a stick of bubble-filled aerated chocolate through the middle, covered in more chocolate. If you had 50p in your pocket, a Sky could be all yours. Careful not to get it down your new Care Bears top now.

Source: Facebook/HB Ice Cream Memories

7. Sparkles

Truly retro, but appeared down throughout the years – even until very recently – in various forms, colours and under slightly-different guises. Pure orange Sparkler anyone?

Source: Facebook/HB Ice Cream Memories

8. Chilly Willy

The possibilities for juvenile japes and puns with this “water ice” was endless. We’re still not mature enough to take this name seriously. Snigger.

Source: HB Ice Cream Memories

9. Hiawatha

All the way from 1980. Shush, hold us now. We can’t believe it’s been that long either. Although, to be fair, they probably wouldn’t get away with this type of representation of Native Americans these days.

Source: HB Ice Cream Memories

10. The Jumbo

This wrapper dates from back in 1982, but the Jumbo stuck around a lot longer than that. When you think about it, the Jumbo was kind of a cross between a chocolate mallow and an ice cream sandwich. A match made in icy cold heaven.

Source: HB Ice Cream Memories/Facebook

11. And don’t let the new “Funny Foot” fool you, gang…

It’s not the beloved Freaky Foot of yore.

Source: Akamaihd

What long-lost ice cream would you like to see back in your local newsagent or ice cream van? Let us know in the comments. Let’s share the grief.

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