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9 signs that you are in a love affair with cheese

Emmental, Port Salut, Cashel Blue *faints*

THE WORLD’S LOVE for cheese is well-documented. But what of when your love for cheese becomes an obsession?

But here’s what all those casual cheese fans need to know: Cheese is not just a foodstuff. It’s a lifestyle.

Melted cheese is an almost erotic sight

cheese-gif Source: Wordpress


You could probably eat a whole block in one sitting

You wouldn’t even have to think about it, really.

Having a burger with no cheese is a cardinal sin

2812986764_fd4d01fc24_b Source: Flickr/stuard_spivack

What God has brought together (meat, cheese) no man must separate.

You have spent good money on posh cheese

Side_of_Gruyère_cheese Source: Wikimedia

Gruyere first, electricity bill later. Priorities!

You are genuinely bothered by the lack of cheese emoji

You can improvise:

cheesechart_1 Source: Food Republic

But are you supposed to truly share your love with no emoji? Apple? Any answers?

Cheese on toast is your go-to meal

tumblr_n0i7dkpRvl1r1awtto1_500 Source: Tumblr

Breakfast, lunch, dinner.

Similarly, cheesecake is the best dessert

5215308936_f780874b35_b Source: Flickr/vialbost

It has cheese, you say?

You are greatly upset by poor quality cheese

calvita Source: YouTube

Calvita will do in a pinch, but please, do not insult us with ‘nacho’ cheese or any of that American cheese in a can.

The stinkier, the better

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Heaven. Source: Wikimedia

Oh yes. We will try the Stinking Bishop. All that you have. Quickly.

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