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Here's what will happen in Love/Hate season 5*

*Some of it. As far as we know.


THE FIRST OFFICIAL details of Love/Hate’s fifth season have been released today, as RTÉ One launches its autumn schedule.

We also got this new image of Nidge, Fran, Aido and Elmo – looking frankly meaner and less silly than they ever have before. Even cuddly Elmo looks a bit fierce.

So what’s in store for Nidge and the boys? (Minor) spoilers ahead.

The last season ended on a bizarre note, with Nidge losing the plot in a police cell.  We learned earlier this year that the fourth and fifth season were written as one 12-episode unit, twice as long altogether as those that went before. So there’ll hopefully be plenty of time to wrap up all the loose ends Season 4 left dangling.

Nidge has apparently got over the attack of wild paranoia that saw him lose the head at the end of the last season, and is back in control of his criminal empire. He’s delighted that he managed to dodge prison despite Det Insp Moynihan’s best efforts.

But it’s not all rosy in the garden of, eh, criminal gang activity. He’s had to take out a massive loan from an Irish drug dealer based in Spain.

It was hinted earlier this year that significant parts of the new season could be filmed in the Mediterranean, so presumably Nidge will be taking some trips over to see his benefactor.

And as part of the deal, he’s had to take on a new character – Pauley, played by Irish actor Johnny Ward. Here’s Ward’s official talent agency photo:

Maureen V Ward Talent Agency Maureen V Ward Talent Agency

Meanwhile, the end of season four saw Siobhan finally crack and begin informing on the gang to gardaí. That hasn’t changed, and she’ll apparently be working closely with Det Insp Moynihan in an attempt to bring Nidge’s empire crashing down.

And finally, there’s Fran.

He’s likely to be the biggest threat to Nidge this season, given that he came dangerously close to mounting a leadership putsch last time around. There’s going to be nothing short of “conflict and betrayal” between the two, according to the official launch.

We also learn that he’s going to become “increasingly violent, erratic and resentful of Nidge’s authority”… which is really just to say, Fran is Fran.

There’ve been more spoilers leaked online – including what appears to be the death and funeral of a key member of the gang – but we’re not going to get into that, as it’s far from confirmed. (Remember all the talk about Darren coming back from the dead? Yeah.)

So what else can we say? We’re very excited. Long live the Nidgeweasel.

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