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A makeup brand was flooded with racist comments after posting a picture of a black model

Instagram users mocked the shape of the model’s lips and used racial slurs.

MAC COSMETICS has said that it stands for “all ages, all races and all sexes” after its Instagram picture of a black model was bombarded with racist comments.

Earlier this week, the brand posted this close-up of model Aamito Lagum at New York Fashion Week:

Instagram users immediately began to mock Lagum’s lips, saying ‘WTF are these’ and using racial slurs. Here are a few of the decidedly less obscene comments:

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Women of colour leapt to Lagum’s defence, Instagramming photos of their own lips with the hashtag #PrettyLipsPeriod. Others came to her defence in the comments section, with one user writing: “Her lips make a perfect heart. Beautiful.”

Yesterday, MAC responded to the comments with this Instagram post:

MAC stands for and respects all ages, all races, all sexes. We celebrate the beauty of individuality, and the confidence to be who you are.

As for the model herself – her name is Aamito Lagum and frankly, she doesn’t care what any of the trolls think.

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My lips giving you sleepless nights. Thank you MAC for this killer colour and to that makeup artist…

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