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Magnum is opening a shop in Dublin selling €5 ice creams
Chilli flake Magnums, popping candy Magnums, goji berry Magnums…

LIKE YOUR ICE cream with a side of notions? Delicious, delicious notions?

Magnum is opening a special pop-up shop in Arnotts in Dublin on Thursday, with ‘luxury ice creams’ going for €5. 

Customers are promised “decadence at its best”, but what exactly are you getting for your fiver?

Well – it’ll get you a regular-size Magnum, which is then dipped in your choice of chocolate, as demonstrated by Sky Sports presenter Rachel Wyse here:

You’re then invited to pick three toppings from a list that includes crushed popcorn, dried strawberries, goji berries, popping candy, and chilli flakes. Ooh.

This particularly fancy one appears to have gold leaf and edible flowers, but has been informed that these toppings will not be making an appearance at the Irish pop-up. No gold leaf for us. :(

A spokesperson for Magnum told that each pop up store in different countries will be receiving its own variation on toppings based on local suppliers. We’re getting honeycomb, but Selfridges didn’t. HAH!

The spokesperson also said that while €5 is a little more than what you’d pay for regular Magnum in the newsagent, the price is in line with similar products on offer and the luxury Magnums are all about well, luxury, and being “immersed in the whole experience”.

So think an ice-cream sundae (with notions) or frozen yoghurt (with notions). Will you be giving it a go?

The Magnum pop-up is open from this Thursday until August 16.

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