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The loss of a Dublin chicken fillet roll institution is being mourned today

RIP Maguires.


IF YOU’VE EVER been a student at Trinity College, or indeed if you’ve ever procured a chicken fillet roll in the Grafton Street area, chance are you’ve visited Maguires.

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A legendary lunch deal provider, with swiftness of knife and coldness of can under their belt, Maguires announced earlier this month that they were to cease providing beige to the masses, and instead begin providing green.

They’re turning into a Chopped ‘healthy food store’ on 18 January, selling salads and such.


Today, people are gathering to mourn the loss of their roll model (sorry) with one-and-a-half-thousand people clicking ‘attending’ (be that physically or in sprit) a Facebook page dedicated to ‘One Last Chicken Fillet Roll’.


Early indications would suggest that it might already be too late:


Or that the Stephen’s Day hangovers Down Home may have got the better of some would-be mourners:


But the depth of emotion is keenly felt nonetheless:

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A Love Letter To The Chicken Fillet Roll From The People of Ireland