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7 storage solutions that'll put some smacht on your makeup collection
Storage solutions for all. Even you, woman with 30+ Mac lipsticks.

SO YOU’RE INTO makeup. Just a little bit.

But somehow, your collection of lipsticks, bronzers, serums, eyeshadows and body lotions has been slowly creeping beyond the confines of its assigned drawer and taking over your house. What do you do?

Well, there are more than a few ways you can get organised and reacquaint yourself with your makeup collection.

1. Divided we stand

Let’s start at the very beginning here. If you keep your makeup in one big, messy drawer, dividers are your friend.

ikea-makeup-cheap-storage-idea Lipglossiping Lipglossiping

They can either be old, clean Chinese takeaway cartons (yep), soft folding drawer dividers (available in most Penneys stores) or fancy acrylic boxes (more them below). A normal old cutlery divider would even be great for brushes and pencils.

Divide, divide, divide.

2. Acrylic boxes

If you have a few products that you use daily, you might want to consider acrylic storage boxes - they look great, and you can see exactly where everything is.

homestore Homestore and More Homestore and More

3. Revolving spice racks

cd27ddd1d3a62673c5a55fb370c38ae8 Pinterest / Cosmopolitan Pinterest / Cosmopolitan / Cosmopolitan

Not just for the oregano and paprika, y’know.

This would be a perfect solution to that clutter corner in your bathroom. Can’t you just feel it?

4. Magnetic boards

14-03-2011 018 Laura's Thoughts Laura's Thoughts

If space is really at a premium and you feel like getting crafty, magnetic boards are an increasingly popular storage solution – here’s a good tutorial. Simply glue small magnets to the back of compacts and eye shadows and pop them on the board.

Go one further by attaching some magnetic tape to keep track of those pesky hair clips.

5. Use your empty candle holders

New things ))) gh0stparties gh0stparties

Got a few fancy candles lying around that you’re loathe to finish off? Get a move on, cos they’re handy – storing makeup brushes, cotton buds and hair clips in fancy candle holders is all the rage on Pinterest.

This way, you can organise your makeup AND prove that you once had a fancy candle.

6. Pack up your nail polishes

07d96b0ebe3a013767532731a2828563 Pinterest Pinterest

Is nail polish your thing? We feel you.

Spice racks again come into play – this time the wall-mounted ones, which many a nail polish freak utilises to show off their collection.

7. Helmer yourself

helmer-drawer-unit-on-castors-red__63447_PE171056_S4 Ikea Ikea

If you have loads of stuff and nowhere in particular to put it, you may want to invest in a set of drawers.

The Ikea Helmer is €30, comes in a range of colours, and has the beauty blogger seal of approval. It’s the perfect size for the average makeup-loving woman’s vast array lotions and potions, but again – drawer dividers are key.

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