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12 people who have made their morning commute a little more interesting

A mundane commute to work just doesn’t enter the equation for these heroes.

LOOK. THE MORNING commute is not the best part of anyone’s day. But some people should be celebrated for bringing a little joy to the trek to work.

And by improving their daily commute in this fashion, they’re improving ours too. We salute you, commuter heroes.

1. The genius who let the pugs drive the truck for a change

Saw this on my early commute - Imgur Source: Imgur

2. The lad sitting next to Gandalf

p87nrz8 Source: Imgur

3. This driver with the cutest co-pilot around

i6dbR5c Source: Imgur

4. The person who is driving this boot-car

Ue0aq Source: Imgur

5. This biker wearing his fancy helmet

qFa1U Source: Imgur

6. The woman who is using the time to enjoy some fine cheeses

I2BakoY Source: Imgur

7. The guy drawing cartoon heads on fellow passengers

PQIxl94 Source: Imgur

8. This hero Dublin bus driver

dublin-bus-6-375x500 Source: Thejournal

9. This guy who decided to bring his other ride to work

lzbAnSd Source: Imgur

10. The doorman who has a neat way of finishing off the walk to work

Well it makes the daily commute to work more interesting. For everyone. - Imgur Source: Imgur

11. This dude ensuring his train journey is as comfy as possible

Making The Most Out Of Morning Commute - Imgur Source: Imgur

12. And everything about this guy

That'll perk up the commute. - Imgur Source: Imgur

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