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11 of the greatest mam texts ever sent


TEXTING YOUR MAM is truly one of life’s blessings – for both the unintentional comedy and, you know, to keep in touch.

And sometimes mams come up with the best stuff:

1. Like this double entendre

2. And when this mam was just too adorable


3. When she is always on the verge of a horrific typo

4. And those times you just have to predict what she means

5. When you are just being used for text practice

6. And when she thinks the r is a surname

7. Maaaam

8. The ultimate in morning after mam texts

9. What?

mamtext3 2005emosTumblr 2005emosTumblr

We need more information. We always need more information.

10. Only the best for mam

netfelx webuiltthisnicky webuiltthisnicky

11. They’re the best


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