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10 times Tumblr was so right about Irish mams
They’ve done it again.
# no recession there
What Percent Mam Are You?
How many carrier bags do you own?
# Nice Gesture
Ajax's players had their mammies accompany them to the field for Mother's Day
Relax, everyone. It’s not Mother’s Day in Ireland.
# sh*t kids say
Jimmy Kimmel asked kids which parent they love more and they had no bother picking
What’s wrong with dad :(
# mamoji
9 people who just taught their mam about emojis
Every day is emoji day.
# mams
What's the most 'mam' thing your mam has ever done?
# Disney Mammies
The heartbreaking reasons that there are hardly any mammies in Disney films
Your Disney favourites just got even darker.
# hey mambo
8 of the best things Irish people have texted their Mams
“Home for dinner?”
# ignore no more
Mam develops app that forces teenagers to answer phone calls from their parents
“I was in the cinema” won’t cut it as an excuse anymore.
# if tomorrow never mums
All these mammies have lost their birthday presents thanks to Garth Brooks
Won’t somebody think of the mammies?
# put out that light
7 unfortunate people whose mammies heard about Earth Hour
Their mams got some serious notions about saving the environment.
# notions
13 things that Irish mammies know are complete notions
YOU THERE! Do you have notions above your station?
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7 moments when the Irish Mammy is worth her salt
What would you do without her?
# thanks mam
9 brilliantly Irish Mother's Day cards
Make your mammy proud next Sunday.
# Quiz
Is it time you called your mother?
This handy flow chart will help you find out.
# stand by your ma
This 'Your Ma' battle from Irish Twitter last night is the stuff of legend
Featuring comedian David O’Doherty. Sit back and watch.
# parenting skillz
7 tasks Irish parents will always be better at
Accept in now, and hold your peace.
# social mammy-a
How to spot an Irish mammy on social media
They’re texting AND on The Face Book now, you know.
# mammies
Irish mammies spending big on first baby
In a survey, almost 40 per cent said they used social media to announce their pregnancy and over 65 per cent spill the beans before 12 weeks.
# cracked
Easter egg hunt sparks bloody fight between mums
This is not an April fool. One got a nosebleed.
# world of celebs
The Dredge: Rihanna's naked photos have her mam raging
The very best of the morning’s celebrity dirt.
# mammies
11 mums who don't deserve a Mother's Day present
Parenting fail.
# mammies
7 of the best Mother's Day cards out there
These will either make your mam laugh, or get you a box round the ears.
# mammies
VIDEO: What are Irish mammies like?
Like this, that’s what.
# vox pop
Lessons from Mammy: What our mothers taught us
Be nice, never put your hand in anyone else’s pocket – and get out of a car with your dignity intact: just some of the life lessons from Irish mammies.