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9 people who just taught their mam about emojis

Every day is emoji day.

1. This mam who is riding the emoji train and is ALMOST AT THE STATION

em1 Source: Twitter

2. This mam who felt ‘chocolate covered strawberry’ was a more logical explanation

em2 Source: Twitter

3. This mam who is deep in the Emoji Matrix

em3 Source: Twitter

4. This mam who is full-on living that emoji life, all day

em4 Source: Twitter

5. This mother with an inexplicable cow obsession

em5 Source: Twitter

6. This mam who had a bit of time on her hands, so she built a zoo with bees and dragons

em6 Source: Twitter

7. This mam deploying the ‘flirt eyes’ emoji with killer effect

em7 Source: Twitter

8. This mam who should not have been told about the Secret Penis Emoji

em8 Source: Twitter

9. And this wonderful, wonderful mam

Source: watermelon-spiced-latte

GO MAMS. Emojierr’day.

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