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# put out that light
7 unfortunate people whose mammies heard about Earth Hour
Their mams got some serious notions about saving the environment.

LAST NIGHT AT 8.30, Earth Hour began.

People were on board, they just didn’t want to stop tweeting.

But did your mammy hear about it and take massive joy in the fact that you’d stop wasting her electricity for an hour?

For God’s sake, turn off the landing light. Spare a thought for this lot of reluctant Earth Hour participants.

1. This lad, who has no idea what he’s in for

2. This suffering soul, who’s now surely plotting her escape

3. This shamed neighbour

4. This daughter forced to live in a fire hazard

5. The girl who was plummeted into darkness

6. There’s still no escape from having to explain things

7. So close, yet so far

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