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Man arrested after a video of him kicking a cat goes viral

Andre Robinson was filmed kicking a helpless kitten. The internet made SURE he wouldn’t get away with it.

LET THIS BE a lesson to all: DON’T mess with cats. Or any animals, for that matter. The internet will find you.

A 21-year-old man who was filmed kicking a stray cat was busted by the NYPD after animal lovers who saw the video online managed to track him down.

In the video (Warning: It’s disturbing) Andre Robinson can be seen pretending to pet the grey-and-white kitten.

catkickercollage Source: Facebook

The Brooklyn native then picks up the kitten, kicks it around 10ft into the air, turns around and laughs for the camera.

According to NY Daily News, police were able to track down Robinson after determined animal charities shared the video and identified the scaffolding company visible in the background of the video.

Robinson, who has eight prior arrests, was charged with aggravated animal cruelty. If convicted in court next month, he could spend one year in prison.

5003773137_2a82842dd9_b File photo. How could you be cruel to something as cute as this? Source: Flickr/Jeroen Moes

ABC Local reports that Robinson’s mother has confirmed it is her son in the video, but told police that he “loves animals” and had cats and dogs as a child.

In happier news, the stray cat in question (locally known as “King”) has been rescued by animal care workers, and is now being treated at a Manhattan animal hospital.

Let’s hope King finds the caring home it deserves.

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