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This man's sweet song for his mother with Alzheimer's is going viral

Joe Fraley said he doesn’t play guitar for his mum any more, because she doesn’t recognise him.

THIS IS JOE Fraley, a musician, and his mother, who has Alzheimer’s Disease.


This bittersweet video of Joe singing a song he wrote for his mother was recorded back in October, before she moved to an assisted living centre. It’s going viral all over the world after he posted it on Reddit, saying:

I recently stopped bringing my guitar to my mom’s home because she no longer recognises me and doesn’t respond to it any more. I wish I would have played a lot more to her when she did.

Source: Joe Fraley/YouTube

He added that at the moment, it’s too hard for him to play songs for her:

My mom currently is in a stage where she wanders endlessly looking for him home. It’s too hard for me to play songs to someone who I considered to be my biggest fan and have them leave the room during. At least at this moment. But once that stops I’ll most likely start bringing my guitar again and continue to sing for her.

h/t Buzzfeed

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