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Man posts remorseful Craiglist ad after drunkenly stealing cat

Claims he was just ‘rescuing it’ at the time.

WE’VE ALL BEEN there. You wake up the morning after a particularly heavy night, with maybe a traffic cone or an election poster staring back at you from the end of the bed.

It seemed like you had to have it at the time, but at least it wasn’t alive.

One man was left feeling quite guilty after taking a liking to a cat he met on his drunken stumble home.

The man–from California–picked up the cat after a night on the batter, later posting a Craigslist ad in an attempt to find the owner having sobered up and realised what he’d done. He explained

I was extremely intoxicated and thought he was just some random stray I was rescuing.

The cat, Django, is described as

a very frisky black cat, he also has very sleepy eyes and appears to be stoned although I don’t think he is.

The man is keen to return the cat to its rightful owners, and not just because of the gut wrenching guilt.

If Django belongs to you I would like to give him back, I have been feeding him cheese all morning and I really don’t want him to shit all over my apartment.



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Via DailyDot

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