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# not alone
This single mum posted a Craigslist ad looking for a family to spend Christmas with
She’s just moved to a new town, and doesn’t want to spend Christmas alone.
# sketch artist
A pregnant woman has posted this sketch to Craigslist trying to find the baby's father
The internet is losing its mind over this saga.
# in the doghouse
This Craigslist ad for a dog takes quite an unexpected turn at the end...
We see what you did there and we approve.
# sloth
Oh nothing, just the greatest prank ever played
This sassy granny's property listing is simply hilarious
She could probably sell ice to the Eskimos, in fairness.
# so wrong
This Craigslist ad had the most racist job description ever
Everything about this is offensive.
# Stabbing
Pregnant woman stabbed and baby taken from her womb after answering internet ad
The woman had answered an ad on Craigslist claiming to be selling baby clothes.
Horny New Yorkers are flocking to Craigslist in search of blizzard hook-ups
New York’s state Governor said today this blizzard could be a matter of life and death, so going on the pull was the obvious response.
# Grim
Women selling positive pregnancy tests is the grim trend taking over Craiglist
Perfect for “making than man yours forever”.
# missed connection
This might be the slimiest missed connection of all time
Just the worst.
# concert babysitter
This 25-year-old woman wants to save parents from Taylor Swift concerts
She’ll go instead. It’s every parent’s dream.
# korea choices
That 'Irish alcoholism' job rejection? There's now a Craigslist response from Seoul...
… who is pretending to be a drunk James Joyce.
# missed connections
"You Farted During Boyhood" is the best missed connection you'll read for some time
“I imagine the lone fartist sauntering off into the sunset.”
# trolled
Guy takes to Craigslist to see boobs and gets excellently trolled
Gets it handed back to him.
# must love dogs
Abused dog's new owner writes touching open letter to person who hurt her
Cathy the pitbull had been underfed and burned with cigarettes by a previous owner. For shame.
# pissed connection
This is by far the best Craigslist missed connection from New Year's Eve
“You peed on me but it’s OK!”
# Out of this World
Would you like a unicorn for Christmas?
A unicorn is not just for Christmas. It’s for life.
# the ring
Extremely bitter ex-fiance selling engagement ring worn by 'Satan herself'
Claims he’ll shove it into the fires of Mordor if the Craigslist ad fails to shift it.
# lava-ing room
Incredible couch ad promises to protect your family from 'floor lava'
# we got beef
Cow suit thief arrested in Craiglist sting
He must’ve known that the steaks were high.
# roomie
This is probably the best roommate ad Craigslist has ever seen
Who needs landlord references when you got skillz?
# syrias pain
Man posts frustrated Craigslist ad to escape opinionated housemate
High ceilings, exposed brick, and a roommate that won’t stop talking about Syria.
# catburglar
Man posts remorseful Craiglist ad after drunkenly stealing cat
Claims he was just ‘rescuing it’ at the time.
# i want to ride my bicycle
Canadian woman steals back stolen bicycle
“Was it smart? Probably not. Was it badass as all hell? Damn straight!” said one commenter.
# strangers in the night
10 brilliant missed connections from Irish Craigslist
Craigslist is here to let you know.
# is he serious?
This is probably the creepiest Craigslist ad you'll read today
If you want to be both “passionate” and “secure” then step right this way.
# creeptacular
Author seeks woman for 30 day erotic affair via Craigslist
Don’t worry, it’s for a book. Wait, actually, that doesn’t make any difference.
# Ohio
Ohio man sentenced to death for Craigslist plot
Richard Beasley was convicted of the murder of three down-and-out men lured by bogus job offers posted on Craigslist.
# Ohio
Teen sentenced to life over Craigslist plot
Brogan Rafferty, 17, was involved in a deadly plot to lure men desperate for work to their death.
# Long Island
Long Island police believe one serial killer responsible for 10 deaths
The bodies were discovered after police began searching for a missing prostitute last seen along a stretch of beach in Long Island, New York last year.
Latest Long Island bodies may be victims of separate killer
The latest human remains found on a Long Island beach predate the others, and may be the work of a separate serial killer.
More bones found at New York beach as fears of serial killer grow
The remains of ten people now appear to have been discovered by police searching for a missing 24-year-old woman in Long Island.
# Serial Killer
Eight bodies found on New York beach raising fears of a Craigslist serial killer
Three more bodies discovered yesterday close to where the corpses of four prostitutes were dumped last year.