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7 questions we all need McDonald's Ireland to answer

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TOMORROW MC DONALD’S Ireland releases a new burger.

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The McMór is exclusive to the Irish market and features Ballymaloe Relish, Charleville cheese, kale (cabbage to you and me), a burger and bacon.

(McDonald’s have had to pull back on calling it ‘artisan’ after the Irish Times pointed out that it… er… wasn’t artisan)

A new limited edition fancy arse burger is all well and good, but when are you going to give the people what they really want McDonald’s?

We want to know…

If we’re ever getting all-day breakfast?

Australia is already doing it. America is testing it. Yet you told us only in July that there is no hope of it coming here anytime soon. Sometimes only a bacon and egg McMuffin will cut it, you know?

And we’ve all seen what happened when Michael Dougles was denied his breakfast in Falling Down.


If we’re ever getting an all day Big Mac?

It swings both ways you know. Making us order from the breakfast menu until 10.30am is a cruel and unusual punishment. Sometimes all you need is a 6.43am burger and chips when the sesh has taken it out of you, you know?

Big Mac_53 Source: rob_rob2001

If you will ever improve your dipping sauce selection?


It’s poor McDonald’s. Real poor.

We currently have BBQ, Curry, Sweet Chilli and Sweet n Sour. Surely there is a world of opportunity out there, sauce-wise?

Psst if you haven’t pinned your colours to the sauce mast, what are you waiting for? Take the poll.

current Source: DailyEdge.ie

And please, can forgetting the sauce and being stingy with the sauce be a thing of the past?


Are you ever going to bring back the McRib?

The people need to know.

The veggie burger, does it still exist?

Anecdotal evidence suggests that something called the ‘Woah Mac’ or the ‘Wow Mac’ exists, which is basically a McDonald’s burger without the meat, perhaps with extra secret sauce.

Why not put it on the menu? Why keep it so underground? Why leave the vegetarians with the single scaldy veggie wrap?


And what ever happened to the bona fide veggie burger?

McDonald's Veggie Deluxe! Source: Wanderlust Time!

When are you going to deliver?

We know you can do it. You do it in other countries.

Sometimes we need the Twisty Fries to come to us.

We await your answers with bated breath

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