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This McDonald's burger was bought 20 years ago and it hasn't changed a bit

This is all kinds of wrong.

THERE ARE SOME things that are better left to the imagination.

What a 20-year-old McDonald’s burger looks like is, of course, one of those things that you never thought you’d see.

Now though, it’s been reported in Australia that two men purchased this burger from McDonald’s in 1995 – and have re-opened it this week to find that it hasn’t changed all that much

mcdonalds20 Source: Facebook

The 20-year-old burger was kept locked in a box by then teenagers Eduard Neetz and Casey Dean in Adelaide.

Here they are on the news down under, claiming it to be the “world’s oldest” burger


When questioned, they revealed that the burger has no mould on it at all, and is in fact rock hard


The pair bought it for a friend back in ’95, but he never showed up to their house. So, they thought the best idea was to keep it in an actual locked box. They didn’t touch it for a full 20 years, until its 2015 reveal now, as reported by 9 News:

It started off as a joke, you know we told our friend we’d hold his burger for him but he never turned up and before we knew it six months had passed. The months became years and now, 20 years later, it looks the same as it did the day we bought it, perfectly preserved in its original wrapping.

Look good?

burger20 Source: Facebook

They guys have also set up a Facebook page to see if the burger can get more likes than Kanye West. Currently it stands at 6,060 likes – so still some way to go on that score.

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