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8 words that have lost all meaning in modern life

Like, literally.

AS MARK MCCABE sang on his seminal classic “Maniac 2000″ – life: it has no meaning.

But what about words? They seem to be losing their meaning at a rate of knots. Words that had fixed, dependable definitions only one generation ago seem to be coming loose and shifting around like some sort of linguistic tectonic plate during an earthquake.

Let’s check out the damage.


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Are you? Oh, are you REALLY?


Nowadays, posting a status from a friend’s Facebook account is referred to as “hacking”.

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It’s not.


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He got a round in, guys, he didn’t save any children from a burning building.


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An Irish verbal tic. We’re all guilty of it.


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Seriously, Coppers last night is not to be likened to mythic, heroic acts of bravery.


See above.

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What words have lost all meaning for you? Like, literally, just have some epic banter in the comments. 

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