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8 real problems every man can identify with

The struggle is real.

IT’S INTERNATIONAL MEN’S Day today, so we’re here to tell you that we feel your pain, men.

The struggle is real. Too real.

1 Being asked to kill spiders when you’re actually afraid of spiders

Spiders, looking at you with their eyes on stalks and their hairy knees. What’s NOT to be afraid of?


2. Fiddly piddling

Man problems...Trying not to pee everywhere when intoxicated. Source: Imgur

3. More fiddly piddling


4. Deciphering the meaning of “I’m fine” or “no, it’s grand”

Is it really fine? Is she really grand? Can you go about your business or is there about to be An Incident?


5. The great urinal etiquette debacle

No crowding, no talking, no looking to the side. So many rules. And what if this happens?…


6. Your junk sticking where it has no business sticking

funny Source: imgur

7. Fashion faux pas


Surely there's a limit to how skinny your jeans can be... Source: Imgur


skinny Source: NYDailyNews

8. Shaving, shaving, the interminable shaving

Men of Ireland, share your problems with us….

An Open Love Letter to the Men of Ireland> 

Men, your day has finally come

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