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25 easy ways to get into the Christmas spirit over the weekend


WE KNOW, WE know. Christmas comes earlier every year.

But it’s mid-November. It’s finally time to admit it to your inner Grinch – it’s definitely beginning to look a lot like Christmas. If you’re still stuck in autumn and can’t quite muster up your festive spirit, we’re here to help.

Here is your step-by-step guide to getting as down with the season as Santa himself. It’s broken down into what to wear, watch, eat drink and do, so you can pick and choose. Bah humbug begone!

What to wear

First things first – get yourself kitted out. That’s right…


Source: Andrew Guenther

What to avoid

2. That neighbour who always goes overboard too soon

Don’t be that guy. Nobody likes that guy.

Source: Panoramio

3. “The Christmas”

Since when did Christmas become “The Christmas”? Stop it. Stop it IMMEDIATELY.

What to watch

Want to get all cosy and Christmassy but don’t REALLY feel like getting up off the couch over the weekend? Sorted. Stick on a DVD and let the Yuletide vibes wash over you.

4. Elf

“We elves try to stick to the four main food groups: candy, candy canes, candy corns and syrup.”

Source: Pinterest

5. Scrooged

“ I get it. You’re here to show me my past, and I’m supposed to get all dully-eyed and mushy. Well, forget it, pal, you got the wrong guy.”

Source: ilikewatchingmoviees

6. Muppets Christmas Carol

“My speech! Here’s my Christmas speech. Ahem … Thank you all, and Merry Christmas.”

Source: Muppets/Wikia

7. Home Alone

“Keep the change, ya filthy animal.”

Source: NotoriousHEB

What to eat

You know what almost as easy as just sitting down? Eating stuff. Here are the treats you should be having this weekend.

8. Mince pies

Christmas in a little pastry. Unbelievable. Eat early, eat often.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

9. Gingerbread

Like these little gingerbread Dudes from the Big Lebowski maybe. The Dude abides.

Source: Imgur

10. Buckets of chocolate

So. Much. Chocolate.

Source: andrewrennie

What to drink

And no, we don’t mean on The 12 Pubs of Christmas…

11. Spiced lattes

Source: Chris_J

12. Mulled wine

Ah, sweet berry wine. Where would Christmas be without you?

Source: jayneandd

What to listen to

You don’t want to get sick of carols and Christmas music by December 25, but on the other hand, nothing quite evokes the season like a bit of Slade. Go easy with this one. Use your best judgement. Balance your cheese with some classics.

13. Bowie and Bing

“I’m David Bowie, I live down the road.” Oh really?

Source: BingCrosbyVEVO

14. The Plastic Ono Band

Source: emimusic

15. Eels

Source: 79carmelo79

16. Wham!


Source: WhamVEVO

What to do

17. Wrap some presents

Or buy them first, depending on your level of organisational capability. Yeah, we see you, Christmas Eve shoppers.

Here’s a handy guide to gift-wrapping your cat, if you REALLY run out of ideas.

Source: MoreFlippyCat

18. Write some cards

Know a lot of people living abroad? A real Christmas card with a special Christmas stamp will just MAKE their day.

Source: Shutterstock

19. Stud some oranges with cloves

SUCH a festive smell. Failing that, why not light an aul scented candle. Instant Christmas cosiness.

Source: bradleygee

20. Think about the tree

Alright, it’s too early to decorate. But you can still dream, right? RIGHT?

Source: FunnyLool

21. Talk about snow

We all know the Irish love to talk about the weather. And now that winter has rolled around, it’s time for endless discussions on whether or not we’ll get snow this year. And also plenty of conversations reminiscing on the Big Freeze.

Source: Shutterstock

22. See the lights

Take the trip into town to see all the lovely lights. Bonus Christmas points if you dress up warm in your new hat and gloves for the visit.

Source: SebastianDooris

23. Spread some cheer

Be sound this Yuletide. It might be a touch too early to wish people “Merry Christmas” but you can still say it with your smile.

Source: Runt of the Web

24. Organise a Kris Kindle

Do everyone a favour and organise the office Kris Kindle this year. Everyone will be relieved it’s not them that has the responsibility and you’ll be a legend among men for weeks to come.

Source: Fanpop

25. Enter Meteor’s €1m giveaway competition

Feel like winning €25,000 this Christmas? Well now, of course you do. And Meteor are giving you the chance to do just that. They’re giving away €1 Million this Christmas with free credit winners every minute and a weekly prize of €25,000. To enter, all you have to do is top up by €10 or more, or simply click here.

Source: Meteor

What gets you into the Christmas spirit? Let us know in the comments. And feel free to share this with any Scrooge who you’re having trouble convincing that it’s time for Christmas cheer. Ho ho ho!

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